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 中港台及HBO/Fox影视台,7天回放功能.零月租, 零广告


The HiMedia remote control comes with 4 self learning remote control keys. You can use it to operate your TV, including Power On/Off, Volume + and -, and AV selection. Just follow the below step by steps to let the HiMedia Remote Control learn to control your TV set.

a). Press and hold the "Set" key  on the HiMedia remote control for 2-3 seconds. The LED will light, then brighten, as it enters learning state.
b). Press (on the HiMedia remote) the  key you want the remote to learn, such as the "Power" button. The LED light will blink slowly in acknowledgment. the HiMedia Remote is now in the study and receiving status.
c). Place the transmitters of the two remote controls head to head in a straight line (a distance of 2-5 cm), press button of the TV remote control to be learned. The LED of HiMedia remote control will blink rapidly 3 times and then remain on steady, signaling learning successfully completed.
d). To learn other keys, repeat steps b) and c) above.
e). Press the "Set" button again to save and exit the learning state. When the LED light goes off, the learning session is complete.

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