Author Topic: Is H8 abandoned by Himedia ?  (Read 52 times)


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Is H8 abandoned by Himedia ?
« on: November 21, 2017, 06:30:23 AM »
AS we all know from the very beginning there were some bugs but we all have patiently waiting to get those bugs fixed.
Everyone knows that RK3368 is capable to run 64bit Android M and N ...,
It looks like Himedia just decided to not support that product and is not taking any responsibility for it.
 Event last released by Himedia ROM  update for H8 is still based on outdated Android 5 (is 3 years old, Android 6 was released  October 2015, Android 7 August 2016 )
It's shame we owners of H8 didn't know that Himedia will never deliver bugs free software based on a more recent version of Android (M,N..) >:(
With current knowledge of poor support and lack of OS upgrade and bugs proved by Himedia most likely none of us would ever buy H8 or any other product under Himedia brand.
I have even written an email to Himedia with my concerns and they are claiming that product is still supported, but when I have asked them if we customers can count on bugs fixes and upgrade to more recent Android they never get back to me.

So can you confirm that H8 is no longer supported and we can't expect new firmware anytime soon that will be based on Android 6 or 7 with apply patches for RockChip to support natively  Kodi with RK Hardware acceleration as well as full DRM  support?